Revolutionary Love


moment of a collective break

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it is often not the big moments in masses or intellectual discussions that feel most transformative to me. When I think about moments that felt as if something could change, as if something might be different soon, I think of moments in between with loved ones.

sharing thoughts while cooking over the fire in the mountains
taking a break together to lay on the grass of a hill
while reading to each other before going to bed
sitting on the floor and sharing a maté or a cigarette after a protest
it’s in the breaks, the in-betweens, the afterwards
This mini-audiobook is a snippet of a moment of a collective break.

  1. Nuria Tinnermann is slowly finishing her Master in Social Anthropology at the University of Berne in Switzerland. Currently, a field recorder accompanies her to most places as she is exploring audio-visual research practices. When she's not at university, she is working in environmental education with children and teenagers, trying to unlearn with them traditional ways of talking about the more-than-human world and today's ecological crisis.

  2. Sound recordings: Nuria Tinnermann at Alt Shift Festival 2023 at Gars am Kamp, Austria
    Mixing: mfj rulla & Nuria Tinnermann
    Voices: Linde van Noord, crickets (maybe Gryllus campestris), thunder and other more-than-human beings
    Content: Ursula K- Le Guin (1988) Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction. Women of Vision. Essays by women writing science fiction.
    Thank you Vlio, Lara, Linde, Elena, Nina, Cat and more for being present.