Submission Guidelines

We are open to all forms of multimedia narration from all kinds of researchers, ethnographers, writers, photographers, and flys on the wall. The work we publish reflects a thorough engagement with ethnographic storytelling as an artistic form. We are interested in unparalleled pieces that deepen solidarity with lived experiences.

We invite contributors to be mindful and reflexive in acknowledging their positionalities. Recognising and reflecting on our own identities, perspectives, biases, and power dynamics can greatly enrich the depth and authenticity of anthropological practice. It influences how we perceive, influence and interact with ideas. We encourage you to start from your own perspective and situatedness in the world.

We believe traditional written accounts are just one facet of the ethnographic mosaic. Third Shelf embodies ethnography as a dynamic tool that enables us to refine, imagine and explore the multivocal, social, intimate, and collaborative. Theoretical influence is welcomed into submissions but it is the authenticity of voices and personal engagement that breathe life into our work. Let it not eclipse and hinder the journey.

We accept any kind of format such as essays, biographies, visual essays, graphic novels, soundscapes, etc. We publish a call for submissions regularly. If you have any other project in mind feel free to reach out to us. We are always open to suggestions and new collaborators.